February 25, 2021

How to calculate house mortgage interest

Nowadays, more and more people are buying houses, and banks’ loan companies are becoming more and more popular. However, many of them are not very clear about the interest calculation ability of Bank of China’s bad loans. How should the mortgage interest be calculated? Let me give you a specific calculation.


1. Mortgage down payment: When buying a house for the first time, banks generally require a down payment of 30% of the house price; if buying a second house, the down payment ratio is higher. The specific standard should refer to the prevailing standards in this city.

2. Bank loan interest rate: interest rate item annual interest rate (%), if the loan needs to estimate some daily interest, you can use annual interest rate/365 to convert to daily interest rate.

86 people within 6 months (including 6 months);

6 months to 1 year (including 1 year) loan 5.31;

1-3 years (including 3 years) loan 5.40;

3-5 years (including 5 years) loan 5.76;

Loans over five years 5.94

There are two ways to calculate mortgage interest:

1. Equal principal repayment method: The loan amount is divided into n equal periods according to the number of repayment periods, and the loan interest rate is multiplied by the outstanding principal in each period until the current interest is repaid;

2. Equivalent principal and interest repayment method: The principal and interest are annualized during the loan period, and the sum of the principal and interest returned in each period is equal. The first instalment interest is the amount of the principal occupied by the loan interest rate. The equal annuity paid in each period minus the first instalment is the principal repaid in the first instalment; the second instalment is calculated to repay the principal in the first The money is subtracted from the total loan principal to obtain the principal amount of the second period, and then multiplied by the loan interest rate to obtain the interest payable in the second period, and so on to subsequent periods.

The level of the loan interest rate can directly affect the profit distribution ratio between the bank and the development of the borrowing enterprise, and therefore affect the economic and social interests of both parties. Loan market interest rates vary with the types and maturities of online loan products, and are closely related to the scarcity of loan funds.

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February 09, 2021

The part of wi-fi interaction modules during the World-wide-web of Factors

When you begin to get entangled during the Internet of Factors, you can listen to the phrase wireless interaction module often. Let me initially speak about the principle of "module". Module is actually a technological term that features a very big selection. The module to the application refers to your assortment of application statements which will be independently named and independently complete a specific purpose (ie a group of application code and data framework); the module to the hardware refers to an entire function made up of a number of parts with fundamental capabilities program. Anything at all that meets the definition could be known as a module, which could be divided into interaction modules, positioning modules, photosensitive modules, etc. in accordance with unique capabilities. The modules stated from the World-wide-web of Factors normally refer to wi-fi communication modules. Taiwan is accustomed to refer to modules as modules, and both hold the same which means.

What need to I do if I want to attach products to communicate while in the Net of Factors era? Equivalent towards the utilization of mobile networks to produce phone calls among people today, IoT gadgets also have a device identical into a "mobile phone" to aid them send and obtain signals. This can be the so-called wireless communication module. It can be a group of chips furthermore peripheral circuits needed with the chip, and there's now no unified definition inside the marketplace. The wireless communication module permits all types of Net of Factors terminal products to obtain the ability to transmit info on the online world, and is also the knowledge portal for all kinds of smart terminals to accessibility the world wide web of Items.

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It is actually the crucial element url between the perception layer as well as network layer from the Net of Points. The device info created by every one of the terminals in the World wide web of Matters notion layer must be aggregated to your community layer from the wireless interaction module, after which the unit can be remotely controlled from the cloud management system. Simultaneously, right after info examination, Bring the improvement of management efficiency.

The online market place of Issues is a very long industrial chain. You'll find chips from the upstream in the module, and terminal purposes in the downstream...So, the place is definitely the worth of the module? Envision that if a device hopes to "call" yet another machine and only provides it a chip, it are not able to communicate with other units. Presently, module manufacturers are needed to combine different components these kinds of as baseband chips, radio frequency, memory chips, capacitors, resistors, and so forth., to assemble interaction modules, as well as the unit can talk to other products.

So this can be the initial value of the module during the IoT market chain: components integration and application style and design, fusion of various interaction benchmarks, to satisfy environmental prerequisites in several application situations, drastically simplifying the work of software suppliers.

Equally as cellular cell phone users don?¡¥t ought to comprehend the theory of radio communication, they simply must make use of the mobile telephone dumbly, and application sellers don?¡¥t really need to do complex integration work by themselves. They purchase solutions from module suppliers and make use of them specifically.

In different software eventualities, the communication demands among matters are unique.

Whether it is a drinking water meter, it only really should transmit an exceptionally small amount of money of knowledge, and it does not ought to be transmitted each day; whether it is an automobile, the level of details it should transmit is way greater, plus the real-time information necessities are incredibly substantial; other gear ?a?aSuch as motors in factories, avenue lights around the roadside, speakers at home, all have their particular interaction requires...

Consequently, this is the next worth of the module within the IoT market chain: the upstream of your wireless conversation module could be the production raw materials this kind of as baseband chips, that have a significant degree of standardization; the downstream is several sub-application areas, that happen to be exceptionally scattered. The IoT module itself is within the center connection involving upstream standardized chips and downstream decentralized vertical fields, and wishes to satisfy the precise wants of various prospects and diverse software situations.

Module benefit summary

The primary price: hardware integration and program style and design, fusion of various conversation criteria, to meet the environmental prerequisites of different software scenarios, considerably simplifying the operate of software suppliers.

The second value: Within the center url between upstream standardized chips and downstream decentralized vertical fields, it must satisfy the specific requirements of different buyers and distinctive application scenarios.

Usually, wi-fi interaction modules is usually classified as follows in line with unique communication systems:

For instance, the 2G module refers back to the module that will access the operator's 2G community, the NB-IoT module refers to the module that can accessibility the NB-IoT network, and so forth.

Beijing Wonder IoT Technological innovation Co., Ltd. is dedicated to advertising the application and popularization in the Web of Issues, and offers methods in keeping with distinctive situations. The company's self-developed SIMLinK card management system realizes eSIM chip administration and provides eSIM module protection to cover 2G/4G/NB- IOT constantly promotes the appliance on the World wide web of Items.

Because the World-wide-web of Items will be the networking of apparatus terminals in all walks of daily life, which include several software situations, various software eventualities demand different wi-fi interaction modules, hence the software eventualities of your modules are especially wealthy, plus the market room is also very substantial.

While in the application eventualities of the Internet of Items, large particles (with yearly demand of over 10 million) marketplaces have formed mainly from the fields of sensible meters, cellular payments, smart autos, and good grids. The growth in these places has triggered main expansion within the wi-fi communication module marketplace.

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How you can utilize the "communication module" on the Web of Matters!

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