August 24, 2021

Is only 20 platelets life-threat...

The normal platelet count is between (125-350)×109/L. Is it serious when the blood routine report reduces the single platelet to only 20? Will it be life-threatening...

The consequences of platelets as low as 20

The main function of platelets is to stop bleeding and normal platelet count blood. When the platelet value is lower than 100, it means thrombocytopenia, and when the platelet value is lower than 50, there is a risk of bleeding. Therefore, when the platelet value is as low as 20, it means that platelets are severely reduced, and severe bleeding symptoms such as skin and mucosal bleeding, hematuria, and hemoptysis will occur. patients cannot work and live normally, and severe cases may even cause cerebral hemorrhage and endanger their lives.

How long can platelets be as low as 20?

There are many reasons for a low platelet count, and the number of platelets depends on the underlying disease that caused the low platelet count.

Simple thrombocytopenia: platelets as low as 20, increase the risk of bleeding. Long-term survival can be achieved through treatment.

It is also called primary thrombocytopenic purpura or idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. As long as the patient is given timely and effective treatment and the patient's condition is effectively controlled, he can work and live like normal people and survive for a long time.

Aplastic anemia: The platelets caused by aplastic anemia can be reduced, and timely and effective treatment is very important. The survival period of patients with aplastic anemia will continue to increase. If our treatment effect is not good, the patient's survival period will be shortened. .

â‘£Acute leukemia or other malignant tumors: This type of disease has a rapid onset and obvious symptoms. The average survival period is only about three months. If the treatment effect is not good, the patient's survival period is relatively short.

Hyperactivity of the spleen function: The platelets caused by the hyperactivity of the splenic system can be reduced. After the spleenectomy is performed, the platelet passing value will be restored after the body is healthy and recovered.

Whether the number of platelets is as low as 20 can not be cured is mainly due to the primary disease that causes thrombocytopenia. Therefore, patients with thrombocytopenia should go to the hematology department of a regular hospital for treatment in time. Definitely diagnose the development of the primary disease that causes thrombocytopenia and its important reasons, and carry out an active and effective treatment to improve the platelets rationally and effectively, and the patient can achieve long-term survival.

How to treat platelets as low as 20?

Low platelet count is guided by Chinese medicine and supported by Western medicine. Special preparations are combined with Chinese medicine decoctions, and a diagnosis and treatment plan is formulated according to the patient's course of illness.

For patients with severe thrombocytopenia such as thrombocytopenia to 20 and severe bleeding, emergency treatment measures such as hormone, immunoglobulin infusion, and platelet suspension infusion are taken, and then traditional Chinese medicine is the main treatment.

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August 13, 2021

The test strategy for electric v...

1. Application conditions

Owners of electric vehicles with over-standard licenses must meet the relevant conditions and carry relevant materials before they can enter the test.

The application requirements are: 18 years old but less than 70 years old, in line with the physical conditions and requirements motorcycle cub 125cc by the law;

For the initial application, you need to submit the medical examination form, the applicant's identity certificate, 6 one-inch white photos and other materials.

2. How to test?

Car owners need to train at the designated driving school; after the training, go to the local car management office to make an appointment for an exam. There are three subjects, and the examination fee is 335 yuan, of which training fee is 100 yuan (collected by the driving school), the examination fee is 225 yuan, and the cost of production is 10 yuan. Citizens can apply for a three-month test at a driving school with training qualifications. If they pass the exam, they can get a moped driver's license (F certificate).

In addition, holders of D, E, F certificates do not need to take an exam. Drivers who already hold a three-wheeled motorcycle driver's license (d certificate), an ordinary two-wheeled motorcycle driver's license (e license), and a moped driver's license (f license) do not need to apply for the test, but they can drive electric bicycles beyond the standard. However, a driver with a moped driver's license (F license) cannot drive ordinary two-wheeled motorcycles and three-wheeled motorcycles.

Citizens who hold D, E, and F certificates but have not had an annual review for more than three years and have their driver's license cancelled need to take a test. If the holder of the certificate is not sure whether the certificate is valid, he can go to the vehicle management office for inquiries. If the system displays "Normal", there is no need to take the exam again; if it displays "Logout", you can resume, and you only need to take the subject one exam; if it displays "Cancel", you will take the exam again.

Three, what to test?

Subject 1: Road safety laws and regulations and related knowledge. paper test paper, 50 questions, 45 minutes, full score of 100 points, 90 points qualified.

Subject 2: Field Skills Test (pile test, ramp fixed-point parking and start, passing a unilateral bridge), with a full score of 100, and a score of 80 is considered a pass.

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August 06, 2021

How to get a scholarship in coll...

Many people are very concerned about university scholarshipss in college. Today, I will also talk to you about scholarships in college!

Generally, people who have just entered college are more confused about their future school life and have no set goals. If you really have no goals, then take the scholarship as the overall goal! It is likely that the scholarship will become the first bucket of gold in your life path!

First of all, to get a scholarship there is a most most basic criteria, that is, must not fail the subject. If you fail, then you have to get a scholarship in that one academic year is only a matter of thought. The most important thing is to make sure that you don't fail a class, so I can talk to you about how you can get a scholarship.

Scholarships are divided into national and university level. The national level has national scholarship and national classic inspirational scholarship, the amount of national scholarship is 8000 yuan, the amount of national classic inspirational scholarship is 5000 yuan. At the school level, it depends on the amount set by each institution, like our school, the first-class scholarship is 2000 yuan, the second-class scholarship is 1000 yuan, and the third-class scholarship is 600 yuan, the amount is still able to count. So how can we get this kind of scholarship?

Today, we will talk about school-level scholarships with the guys!

The first thing you should do is to get to know the criteria for school-level scholarships. The standard of each institution will be established in the student handbook, but most of them will be similar, that is, based on the comprehensive assessment of each student to identify. The most important thing is that you will be able to get a scholarship if you rank in the top 30% of your class in the comprehensive assessment.

If the scholarship is based on the comprehensive assessment, then how can we improve our own comprehensive assessment scores?

There are two main levels of achievement here.

First, hard work and learning. Do not fall behind in the professional knowledge of the textbook, and strive to get a higher grade in each subject. In college, it is easier to get higher grades than in a normal high school. Because in college, you do not need to brush a lot of questions, if you lecture listen attentively, after class practice to write a practice problem in the book. Exam before and then prepare for the exam preparation, write a previous year's exam questions, then your final results are not easy exams can pass very poorly, because you will find the final exam topics and books are very similar, and even can test the real questions oh!

Second, more participation in some of the more highly recognized competitions, such as subject competitions, independent entrepreneurship innovation competition, Challenge Cup these. This kind of high recognition competition in your final identification scholarship is also able to add many points. And, if you have been in this kind of competition to get better results, is also able to have reward money Oh! Therefore, it is necessary to learn more professional skills when you have nothing to do during practice hours after school!

So to get a school-level scholarship, either you have a good technical major, or you have participated in more competitions, or you are better at both levels. See if this has the feeling that it is actually easier to get a scholarship or not!

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