June 29, 2021

So that the elderly will no long...

(A) How to make the bed for the bedridden elderly

1. Close the windows and doors, remove the tables and chairs next to the bed. If the disease condition is approved, put the bedroom bed right, which is conducive to complete cleanup.

2. Help the elderly flip to the other side, loosen the near side of the bed sheet, with a bed brush from the bedroom bed to the foot of the bed to sweep the crumbs on the bed sheet, should pay attention to the pillow into the elderly across the layers completely swept clean, and then the bed sheet will be pulled flat, help the elderly flip to lie on the side of the sweep clean. Turn to the other side of the method above the level of clean-up, and get flat sheets laid.

3. Comb the cover over, flatten the quilt, and cover it for the elderly.

4. Take out the pillow insert and put it under the head of the elderly.

(B) how to remove and change bed sheets for the bedridden elderly

1. Consider closing the windows and doors as appropriate, and remove the tables and chairs next to the bed.

2, put the elderly, assist the elderly to sleep on the side of the bed, back to the health care workers. Pillow insert with the elderly to the other side.

3、Turn the stained bed sheet into a roll. Tuck in the elderly under the span, sweep the crumbs on the mattress.

4, will clean the bed sheet laid on one side of the bed (within the face), iterative seam center line and the bed center line aligned at both ends, will be on the full width of the roll stuffed under the elderly span, near the side of the full width from the bedroom bed, the foot of the bed, right in the middle, in turn, track flat taut stuffed into the mattress under the mattress, assist the elderly side sleep on the clean sheet, facing the medical care, turn to the other side, the stained sheet from the bedroom bed to the foot side of the bed rolled and pulled out, then the clean sheet flattened, the same method as above, assist the elderly to take the supine.

5, cover the quilt, flatten, so that the elderly comfortable lying flat.

6, one hand holding the head and neck of the elderly, the other hand quickly take off the pillow insert, remove and replace the pillowcase, to the elderly pillow good.

(C) how to support the bedridden elderly to move to the bedroom bed

1, put the chair back frame, take off the pillow core on the chair, so that the elderly lying flat, flexing the knees;

2, the health care provider an arm into the old man under the shoulders, an arm to hold the old man's buttocks, in the outreach of the elderly and at the same time, the elderly with two hands to hold the bedroom bed guardrail, and specific guidance to the elderly with both feet against the bed lunge shift. Put back the pillow core, and then support up the chair back frame, so that the elderly lie flat and comfortable.

(D) how to support the bedridden elderly to turn over

1, lying elderly to one side of the flip, first make the elderly hands on the abdominal cavity, both legs bent knees, medical care provider an upper arm into the abdomen of the elderly, the other arm into its under the femur, with the energy of the arm, the elderly quickly out, move near the edge of the bed, with the same time turn to the other side.

2、Extend the head and shoulders of the elderly and turn to the other side, place a soft pillow on the back of the elderly to maintain the posture, put a soft pillow on the chest, apply the upper arm to make the elderly comfortable.

3、Bend the upper leg of the elderly to the front, the lower leg slightly bent, the middle of the two knees, padded with soft pillows to avoid mutual stress and friction between the two legs.

(E) the bedridden elderly oral health care

Usually there are a variety of microbial strains parasitic inside the mouth. The temperature inside the mouth, environmental humidity and ingredients of the sediment, are suitable for the growth and development of microbial strains breeding, in all normal conditions, the human body has a certain resistance, because the saliva in the lysozyme antibacterial effect, brush teeth rinse, gargle cleaning, drinking water and meals and other mechanical equipment efficacy, the germs have a certain elimination effect, so very little disease. The elderly human body resistance becomes weak, laryngeal cavity metabolism decreases, lysozyme bacterial inhibitory effect decreases, for the oral cavity inside the many reproduction of germs led to the resource advantage. This time the germs increase, dissolve glycogen, alcohol, acid production efficacy, if you do not pay attention to oral health, not only very easy to produce oral odor and oral ulcers, endanger food rinse and digestion and absorption, and even oral infection can cause mumps and other diseases, so the oral health care is very important.

1. Equipment: a medical forceps, cotton balls, tongue depressor (or bamboo chopsticks instead), mouthwash cleaning solution (common saline, 1: 5000 furacilin or 3% boric acid solution).

2. way: let the elderly sleep on their side, facing the health care provider, with tongue depressor gently top open the cheek, with medical forceps to take and put mouthwash cotton, from the inside to type outside, along the teeth of the vertical wipe clean both inside and outside the teeth, teeth occlusal surface, tongue, oral mucosa, hard palate, etc., after washing, assist the elderly to rinse clean, wipe the face. If the oral mucosa has ulcers, can be sprinkled with tin type dispersion or Qing Dai dispersion. If there are movable dentures, should assist the elderly to remove, wash with cool water, let the elderly rinse clean and put on.

(F) How to help the elderly to suck sputum

Elderly sick people who are bedridden for a long time are very prone to upper respiratory tract infections and lung infections due to their declining health, weak cough and thick sputum. Sometimes mucous phlegm congestion can't be coughed out, which can lead to oozing and breathlessness, and even endanger life. Therefore, maintaining a smooth respiratory system can reduce respiratory morbidity.

1, moderate to drink more water; diet with taste light as the main; prevent cold, prevent the flu.

2, often change the body parts, patting the back on time. Especially in the morning and evening before the patient paroxysmal cough, motivate patients to do deep inhalation, to facilitate the coughing out of phlegm.


3, steam inhalation: pour boiling water into a cup or a tea jar equipped with Chinese herbs such as yellow chrysanthemum, Shou Guo, Luo Han Guo, etc., and inhale hot steam from mouth to cup for 15 to 30 minutes each time, 2-4 times a day, which can moisten the throat, dilute liquid phlegm and benefit suction.

4, simple electric attractor: suitable for phlegm congestion, with a thicker sterilization sterilization urinary catheter connected to a 200ml injection needle, one end of the urinary catheter into the patient's oral cavity deep inside, suck out the phlegm; another set a bowl of cold water, anytime and anywhere to clean the urinary catheter, to avoid sticky phlegm obstruction.

5, the patient suddenly sticky sputum obstruction, endangering inhalation, to race against time, immediately wrapped up with a handkerchief or sand cloth ring finger, reach to the patient's throat, take out the sputum; or mouth professional to mouth suck out the sputum.

(G) how to rub for bedridden elderly

1. utensils: clean clothes pants, large towels, boiling water, pure water bucket, towels, soap, wash basin.

2. way: close the windows and doors, remove the tables, chairs and benches, holding three-quarters of a basin of boiling water, loosely off the cover quilt, the large towel half pad half cover in the elderly scrubbing position, first with a wet towel, followed by a towel dipped in soap scrubbing, and then change the wet towel constantly wipe clean, and then wipe with a large towel. Scrubbing position in the following order.

(1) loosen off the collar, to the elderly to wash the eyes, nose, face, ears, head and neck, pay attention to cleaning the back of the ears.

(2) take off the elderly jacket (soak the healthy side of the body and mind first, then wash the affected side), scrub both arms. Pay attention to washing the underarm part. Assist the elderly to sleep on their side, facing the health care provider, place the wash basin on a large towel on the side of the bed and wash both hands for the elderly.

(3) lift the waistband of the elderly pants, scrub the chest and abdomen, pay attention to the chest into the navel, assist the elderly to turn the plate, scrub the back and buttocks.

(4) remove the sports pants, scrub both legs, both sides of the abdomen and femur, perineum. Move the basin under the feet, a large towel on the side of the bed, wash both feet and put on the jeans.

(5) Make up the bed, remove and change the sheets as necessary, and remove common objects.

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June 11, 2021

Which of these access control sy...

Password identification access control system

By verifying that the password entered is correct to identify access rights. This type of product is divided into two categories, one is the general type, a type of chaotic keypad type (keypad number is not fixed, not regularly changing automatically). The advantages of password 門禁 recognition are ease of operation, no need to carry cards, and low cost. The disadvantage is that security is poor, easy to leak, only unidirectional control, no open records, the key is easy to damage, failure.

Swipe card identification access control system

According to the type of card, can be divided into contact card access control system (magnetic stripe cards and barcode cards) and non-contact card access control system (also known as induction cards and radio frequency cards). Contact products used in the card is easy to wear, information is easy to copy, susceptible to external magnetic field interference, the use of scenarios less, generally only in the bank card (magnetic stripe card) related to the occasion to use. Contactless cards have the advantages of ease of use, durability, fast reading speed, and high security.

Biometric Access Control System

Access is identified by examining staff and biometric features. There are fingerprint type, palm type, iris type, facial recognition type, finger vein type, etc.. Its advantages are not lost, will not be stolen, no memory password burden, security provides convenience. However, the stability and accuracy of our country's biological risk identification is still developing to further enhance the product market price is also higher than the previous two types, applicable to different scenarios design also has its own certain limitations.

After more than 20 years of development, the access control system has gradually become a complete access control management system. With the continuous development of the security industry, the traditional password identification and card identification has been difficult to meet market demand. The development and rise of the Internet of things, cloud computing and smart mobile devices, prompting companies to develop new products and technologies to obtain greater market space and product profitability.

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