March 31, 2021

A clip-on wireless microphone, perfect for recording videos

Probably many people who record videos will use a clip-on wireless microphone, now many friends have seized the short video window, which will not only bring them a lot of fans, but also good profits, but your equipment must be ready.

best wireless lavalier microphone

Lavalier microphone is a very excellent and convenient microphone, in our daily use is very widespread, in addition to daily interviews crooked, self media recording Vlog, recording live video, etc. need microphone, recently launched a wireless lavalier microphone, can be said to be a self media artifact, the specific use of how may we look at.

Overall accessories, a 3.5 to 3.5mm connection cable, mainly to facilitate the use of cell phones or other radio devices plugged into the USB receiver, an audio adapter, convenient for speaker devices, the appearance of cool U disk device for the USB sound card, laptop or desktop can be used normally.

In terms of USB receiver, the receiver has its own sound card, and UHF universal frequency band does not lead to crosstalk. The sound produced is also very pleasant to the ear. It can be used directly without adjustment and can be plugged into a computer to meet the needs of different scenarios.

In terms of host management, the lavalier microphone is designed with U-band hi-fi, with ultra-high sensitivity, and sound cards with each other in reasonable use process can develop to play a double sound quality protection, in terms of chip technology we use the ultra-cardioid microphone chip, further by reducing the noise of the corporate environment, to ensure the sound quality of the output data environment.

The radio effect of lavalier microphone is comparable to professional equipment

As a microphone, the main sound or audio situation, the clip-on microphone can be comparable to the sound of professional-grade equipment, from the source to the final output of the one-stop solution to solve the noise problem, but also increased protection sponge, shooting video indoors and outdoors can be a good solution to the wind noise problem, very convenient, and now the sound level shopping mall can be purchased.

To use, simply insert the usb driver into the computer, microphone host start, after the start of the two will automatically connect into a pair, no manual operation, after successful connection can be used normally, remember to radio.

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March 04, 2021

The purpose and performance of reflow soldering device, comprehend

The reflow soldering equipment is usually a soldering tools used for full-surface assembly. From the reflow soldering device, the conveyor belt transports the solution spherical and spherical for reflow soldering. The reflow soldering machine consists of a heater element, a transmission element, and also a temperature handle part. So...

smt reflow oven

one. The purpose of reflow soldering equipment

The purpose of reflow soldering is always to send the mounted circuit board from the SMT elements to the SMT reflow soldering chamber. Soon after high temperature, the solder paste used to solder the SMD components is melted because of the procedure of substantial temperature scorching air to type a reflow temperature change, in order that the SMD components and the pads within the circuit board are put together and after that cooled jointly.

Next, the perform from the reflow soldering equipment

1. According to the development of engineering, the reflow soldering machine is split into: fuel stage reflow soldering, infrared reflow soldering, much infrared reflow soldering, infrared heating air reflow soldering, whole hot air reflow soldering, and water-cooled reflow soldering. It is actually a welding technologies developed using the emergence of miniaturized electronic solutions, and it is primarily employed for welding numerous surface mount parts. The solder for this soldering technique is solder paste. You will find a heating circuit within the reflow soldering device, which heats air or nitrogen to the substantial more than enough temperature and blows it for the circuit board where by the component has actually been attached, to make sure that the molten material on equally sides on the element is melted and bonded along with the motherboard.

two. The benefit of reflow soldering device is the temperature is simple to manage, oxidation could be averted through the soldering system, along with the manufacturing value is less complicated to control. Use a proper volume and proper type of solder paste over the pads of your circuit board beforehand, after which paste the SMT components into the corresponding positions; the solder paste includes a selected viscosity to fix the elements; then let the parts be mounted The circuit board enters the reflow soldering equipment.

three. The main utilization of reflow soldering is within the SMT approach. Inside the SMT approach, the primary result of reflow soldering will be to set the PCB board along with the factors inside the track from the reflow soldering device, and then warmth up, heat up, solder, cool, etcetera. During the hyperlink, the solder paste is changed from a paste to some liquid at a significant temperature, and after that cooled into a stable, and afterwards the impact of soldering the chip digital elements plus the PCB board is completed. The main a part of the reflow soldering equipment would be to use an external heat supply to warmth, to ensure that the solder melts and flows and infiltrates once again to finish the soldering method of your circuit board.

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