May 31, 2021

Sierra Wireless Delivers to IoMT...

LUCI is often a electric power wheelchair accessory with sensors that can monitor a wheelchair’s environment, and notify people and others of risks into the person. It makes use of a cloud-connected IoMT resolution, which can be integrated into two-thirds in the electric power wheelchairs currently available. In addition it enables buyers to get aid swiftly if they do have an accident, by notifying the user’s emergency contacts. To accomplish this, LUCI desires to extract facts from the wheelchair and LUCI’s individual sensors, and after that securely transmit this knowledge to the cloud. To try and do all of this while not draining the wheelchair’s battery, that's also used to electricity the wheelchair itself, it must use as tiny power as possible.

Sierra Wireless’ HL7800 module, together with its Enhanced Carrier Connectivity provider, satisfies these needs. The multi-mode lpwa module makes use of Cat-M and NB-IoT mobile networks to attenuate the strength eaten by LUCI when it transmits knowledge from the wheelchair for the cloud. The module’s compact CF3® layout also permits the LUCI design team to simply migrate involving various connectivity technologies, aiding them future-proof their components system.

In addition, Sierra Wireless’ Enhanced Connectivity Companies supplies LUCI end users with wide national wireless coverage. Using these products and services, LUCI can hook up to different carriers– AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Rogers networks in North America -- depending on which provider presents the best coverage in a particular location. At the same time, Sierra Wireless’ Global Network Operation Center monitors these networks, preventing downtime and serving to the LUCI staff swiftly resolve any connectivity issues.

Jim Ryan, SVp partnerships, Marketing & IoT Solutions, Sierra Wireless, said: "Sierra Wi-fi makes it simple to connect any machine, which enables innovators like the staff at LUCI to focus on bringing their ideas to life. With Sierra Wireless’ LpWA solution, the LUCI team has a single point of accountability for all their connectivity, along with a unified platform for setting up and managing this connectivity, reducing operational costs.”

Using connectivity answers and companies provided by Sierra Wi-fi, LUCI presents people living with disabilities with smart wheelchairs they can use to navigate places they previously found difficult, stressful, or dangerous, serving to them more fully experience the world. For more information, read the case study, or the blog post.

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