September 08, 2021

Hair loss is terrible when you a...

Emotion is an important factor leading to hair loss:

Many people think that good or bad mood is not important, so you are wrong. You must know that keeping a happy mood every day is the basis of good health. Instead, if you leave yourself in negative emotions for a long time, it will increase hair loss, especially common alopecia areata.

What is alopecia areata? Alopecia areata is more common in adolescents, both in men and women. According to the condition of alopecia areata, if all the hair has fallen off, it is called total baldness, and if only the whole body has fallen off, it is called general baldness.

If the hair is on the scalp, some areas are hair loss, loose hair, and mood is an important factor leading to alopecia areata.

So, if everyone wants to avoid hair loss, it is important to keep a happy mood every day.

Frequent scratching of hair is an important factor leading to hair loss:

Among the important factors that cause hair loss, scratching also requires special attention, especially women who like to wear a lot of braids, high ponytails, nails are too sharp when washing hair, it is easy to irritate the scalp, cause the scalp to become fragile, and 脂溢性脫髮.

It is recommended that when protecting the scalp, it is recommended that you try to protect the barrier tissue of the scalp. When choosing a comb, you can use a wooden comb to reduce the irritation to the scalp; the hair should be in a distributed state to avoid binding the scalp and causing unnecessary hair loss. ; Use non-irritating hair care products.

Malnutrition is an important cause of hair loss

Some people don’t understand why malnutrition is also a factor in hair loss. In fact, the reason is very simple, because hair is also a sign of physical health. For example, dry hair, irritability, and yellowing may indicate insufficient nutrition in the body.

Instead, a balanced diet and reasonable supplementation of nutrients, such as high-quality protein, dietary fiber, vitamin B, and a variety of minerals needed by hair, can promote the production of melanin particles in the hair follicle to a certain extent, which is beneficial to the black hair. form.

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