August 24, 2021

Is only 20 platelets life-threat...

The normal platelet count is between (125-350)×109/L. Is it serious when the blood routine report reduces the single platelet to only 20? Will it be life-threatening...

The consequences of platelets as low as 20

The main function of platelets is to stop bleeding and normal platelet count blood. When the platelet value is lower than 100, it means thrombocytopenia, and when the platelet value is lower than 50, there is a risk of bleeding. Therefore, when the platelet value is as low as 20, it means that platelets are severely reduced, and severe bleeding symptoms such as skin and mucosal bleeding, hematuria, and hemoptysis will occur. patients cannot work and live normally, and severe cases may even cause cerebral hemorrhage and endanger their lives.

How long can platelets be as low as 20?

There are many reasons for a low platelet count, and the number of platelets depends on the underlying disease that caused the low platelet count.

Simple thrombocytopenia: platelets as low as 20, increase the risk of bleeding. Long-term survival can be achieved through treatment.

It is also called primary thrombocytopenic purpura or idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. As long as the patient is given timely and effective treatment and the patient's condition is effectively controlled, he can work and live like normal people and survive for a long time.

Aplastic anemia: The platelets caused by aplastic anemia can be reduced, and timely and effective treatment is very important. The survival period of patients with aplastic anemia will continue to increase. If our treatment effect is not good, the patient's survival period will be shortened. .

â‘£Acute leukemia or other malignant tumors: This type of disease has a rapid onset and obvious symptoms. The average survival period is only about three months. If the treatment effect is not good, the patient's survival period is relatively short.

Hyperactivity of the spleen function: The platelets caused by the hyperactivity of the splenic system can be reduced. After the spleenectomy is performed, the platelet passing value will be restored after the body is healthy and recovered.

Whether the number of platelets is as low as 20 can not be cured is mainly due to the primary disease that causes thrombocytopenia. Therefore, patients with thrombocytopenia should go to the hematology department of a regular hospital for treatment in time. Definitely diagnose the development of the primary disease that causes thrombocytopenia and its important reasons, and carry out an active and effective treatment to improve the platelets rationally and effectively, and the patient can achieve long-term survival.

How to treat platelets as low as 20?

Low platelet count is guided by Chinese medicine and supported by Western medicine. Special preparations are combined with Chinese medicine decoctions, and a diagnosis and treatment plan is formulated according to the patient's course of illness.

For patients with severe thrombocytopenia such as thrombocytopenia to 20 and severe bleeding, emergency treatment measures such as hormone, immunoglobulin infusion, and platelet suspension infusion are taken, and then traditional Chinese medicine is the main treatment.

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