March 03, 2022

Super delicious XO sauce seafood...

There are many kinds of noodle cooking in our country, and basically 蝦多士 belongs to the place of noodle, such as the more famous noodles are Zhajiang noodles, knife noodles, noodles, hot noodles and Lanzhou noodles, etc. These are the more famous Yida we know Noodles, pasta also has a long history in my country, and it is also the most traditional food in our country. Northerners love spaghetti, and most staples eat spaghetti, beef and lamb, which is why northerners are taller than southerners.

And the weather in northern my country is relatively cold, so our rice is not very suitable for planting in a northern region, but it is very suitable for wheat, so the pasta that can be made from wheat is the most suitable for me. Pasta culture is also very popular. Both northerners and southerners love to eat noodles. In addition, the teaching method of making noodles is also simple, and it tastes very rich and delicious, so they mainly teach you here. Make an XO sauce seafood product-flavored sauce noodles. The noodles are different from soup noodles. The sauces in the noodles are more thick and thick. After stirring, each noodle is coated with the sauce, and you can eat it with a big mouth. Very enjoyable.

Noodles with seafood flavor sauce in XO sauce

[Materials]: Appropriate amount of noodles, 65g clams, 55g shrimp, 6g olive oil, 15g cooking wine, 3 okra, 45g XO sauce seafood flavor, 55g squid whiskers, 4 slices ginger, and some green onions.

【Production steps】

The first step is to take out all the prepared materials and put them in a container technology for use. The clams should be soaked for 2 hours in advance to let them spit sand.

The second step, prepare a steamer, steam the noodles in the steamer for 5 minutes, then take it out.

The third step, take out the steamed noodles, put an appropriate amount of boiling water into the basin, put the noodles in the boiling water, wait for 1 minute to remove.

The fourth step, take out the noodles, put them into a bowl, add olive oil, and blow with a fan while stirring.

The fifth step, the noodles that can be made in this way will have distinct roots and will not stick together.

The sixth step, remove the shrimp shell, head, and shrimp line, and then cut the squid beard into slices and set aside.

Step 7: Blanch the okra, then soak in cold water.

The eighth step, put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, and add ginger, green onion and cooking wine to the pot.

Step 9: Put the processed clams, squid whiskers, and shrimp into the pot and blanch.

The tenth step, when cooking, you can see that the Chinese clams have no openings and can be fished out.

Step 11, remove the okra, cut into small pieces and remove all materials.

Step 12: Put the cooked noodles in a bowl, add the XO sauce, and put all the ingredients in the bowl, so you can enjoy!

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