February 09, 2021

The part of wi-fi interaction modules during the World-wide-web of Factors

When you begin to get entangled during the Internet of Factors, you can listen to the phrase wireless interaction module often. Let me initially speak about the principle of "module". Module is actually a technological term that features a very big selection. The module to the application refers to your assortment of application statements which will be independently named and independently complete a specific purpose (ie a group of application code and data framework); the module to the hardware refers to an entire function made up of a number of parts with fundamental capabilities program. Anything at all that meets the definition could be known as a module, which could be divided into interaction modules, positioning modules, photosensitive modules, etc. in accordance with unique capabilities. The modules stated from the World-wide-web of Factors normally refer to wi-fi communication modules. Taiwan is accustomed to refer to modules as modules, and both hold the same which means.

What need to I do if I want to attach products to communicate while in the Net of Factors era? Equivalent towards the utilization of mobile networks to produce phone calls among people today, IoT gadgets also have a device identical into a "mobile phone" to aid them send and obtain signals. This can be the so-called wireless communication module. It can be a group of chips furthermore peripheral circuits needed with the chip, and there's now no unified definition inside the marketplace. The wireless communication module permits all types of Net of Factors terminal products to obtain the ability to transmit info on the online world, and is also the knowledge portal for all kinds of smart terminals to accessibility the world wide web of Items.

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It is actually the crucial element url between the perception layer as well as network layer from the Net of Points. The device info created by every one of the terminals in the World wide web of Matters notion layer must be aggregated to your community layer from the wireless interaction module, after which the unit can be remotely controlled from the cloud management system. Simultaneously, right after info examination, Bring the improvement of management efficiency.

The online market place of Issues is a very long industrial chain. You'll find chips from the upstream in the module, and terminal purposes in the downstream...So, the place is definitely the worth of the module? Envision that if a device hopes to "call" yet another machine and only provides it a chip, it are not able to communicate with other units. Presently, module manufacturers are needed to combine different components these kinds of as baseband chips, radio frequency, memory chips, capacitors, resistors, and so forth., to assemble interaction modules, as well as the unit can talk to other products.

So this can be the initial value of the module during the IoT market chain: components integration and application style and design, fusion of various interaction benchmarks, to satisfy environmental prerequisites in several application situations, drastically simplifying the work of software suppliers.

Equally as cellular cell phone users don?¡¥t ought to comprehend the theory of radio communication, they simply must make use of the mobile telephone dumbly, and application sellers don?¡¥t really need to do complex integration work by themselves. They purchase solutions from module suppliers and make use of them specifically.

In different software eventualities, the communication demands among matters are unique.

Whether it is a drinking water meter, it only really should transmit an exceptionally small amount of money of knowledge, and it does not ought to be transmitted each day; whether it is an automobile, the level of details it should transmit is way greater, plus the real-time information necessities are incredibly substantial; other gear ?a?aSuch as motors in factories, avenue lights around the roadside, speakers at home, all have their particular interaction requires...

Consequently, this is the next worth of the module within the IoT market chain: the upstream of your wireless conversation module could be the production raw materials this kind of as baseband chips, that have a significant degree of standardization; the downstream is several sub-application areas, that happen to be exceptionally scattered. The IoT module itself is within the center connection involving upstream standardized chips and downstream decentralized vertical fields, and wishes to satisfy the precise wants of various prospects and diverse software situations.

Module benefit summary

The primary price: hardware integration and program style and design, fusion of various conversation criteria, to meet the environmental prerequisites of different software scenarios, considerably simplifying the operate of software suppliers.

The second value: Within the center url between upstream standardized chips and downstream decentralized vertical fields, it must satisfy the specific requirements of different buyers and distinctive application scenarios.

Usually, wi-fi interaction modules is usually classified as follows in line with unique communication systems:

For instance, the 2G module refers back to the module that will access the operator's 2G community, the NB-IoT module refers to the module that can accessibility the NB-IoT network, and so forth.

Beijing Wonder IoT Technological innovation Co., Ltd. is dedicated to advertising the application and popularization in the Web of Issues, and offers methods in keeping with distinctive situations. The company's self-developed SIMLinK card management system realizes eSIM chip administration and provides eSIM module protection to cover 2G/4G/NB- IOT constantly promotes the appliance on the World wide web of Items.

Because the World-wide-web of Items will be the networking of apparatus terminals in all walks of daily life, which include several software situations, various software eventualities demand different wi-fi interaction modules, hence the software eventualities of your modules are especially wealthy, plus the market room is also very substantial.

While in the application eventualities of the Internet of Items, large particles (with yearly demand of over 10 million) marketplaces have formed mainly from the fields of sensible meters, cellular payments, smart autos, and good grids. The growth in these places has triggered main expansion within the wi-fi communication module marketplace.

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How you can utilize the "communication module" on the Web of Matters!

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January 18, 2021


It's the Sunday of smt production line an extra-long weekend in the US and tech news is rather thin on the ground right now. So here are some random thoughts about bit-banging video cards.

Those videos yesterday about building the world's worst video card made me wonder if there was something in the middle - between breadboarding an entire circuit from 74LS chips and just soldering resistors to a development kit and doing everything in software.

And, it turns out, there is one -exactlyone - chip right in the middle.
The Pic32MX2 (PDF) is available in a old-fashined 28-pin DIP (.3 inch, rather than the fat .6 inch type) so you can drop it into your breadboard right beside your quad J/K flip flops and your 8-input NAND gates and it won't look out of place.

But inside is a different story: It's a 50MHz 32-bit MIPS M4K with up 256K of flash and 64K of RAM. It has SPI and I2C and USB and DMA and counters and timers and analog/digital converters and all that stuff. Though in the 28-pin package, which is the only one that you can plop into a breadboard, you have a total of 19 selectable I/O pins so all those features are multiplexed to hell.

It's $6.65 in Australia, quantity 1, for the exact version we want: The full 256KB of flash and 64KB RAM, 50MHz (there's a 40MHz version that is slightly cheaper, but that would screw up our video clocks), 28-pin DIP, and USB 2.0 support.

The way I'd probably approach this would be to design it to drive a standard 1080p monitor, but over VGA. Monitors to support that are everywhere, and dirt cheap.

Unfortunately the 1080p60 pixel clock is 150MHz, which is far higher than we can reasonably drive with this except maybe in a monochrome character-cell mode.
But if we scale back to a retro-level 320x180 (1/6th the resolution horizontally and vertically) an 8-bit frame buffer takes 57600 bytes, neatly fitting in our 64K RAM. And the pixel clock is 25MHz, half our CPU clock. (Well, not exactly. We might need to find a more precise crystal, like the guy in the second video.)

And if we drop to 1080p30 for our timings, the pixel clock is 12.5MHz, which is the sort of speed you can mess about with as a hobbyist and have a chance of getting something working.

What I would do (if I were to do this, which, since it requires next to no soldering, I just might) is this:
A 57,600-byte framebuffer - or maybe slightly larger so we can scroll it around using "hardware" registers.

Once every six output lines, the CPU reads the next input line from the frame buffer.

Each byte is referenced in a 512-byte lookup table that converts it to a 16-bit value.

The 16-bit value is written to a 640-byte line buffer.

DMA streams the 640 byte line buffer a byte at a time to an 8-bit I/O port connected to a set of resistor ladders, at 25MHz, double our pixel clock.

That's a lot, but if the internal memory is 32 bits and the DMA can buffer it appropriately, it will only be using 1/8th of the available bandwidth.

The resistor ladders convert six bits into 64 main colours with the extra two bits common across the LSB of each channel. So you have 64 real colours, 16 grey levels, and some other inbetween colours.

Though I'm sure if I look this up there's probably someone who can show that with two extra resistors and a diode you can have logarithmic output that looks 97% better.

Here's the clever bit (well, I think it's clever): Normally the 512 byte lookup table simply converts an 8-bit logical colour into an 8-bit physical colour, and we send the same pixel value twice.

But we can also treat part or all of the lookup space as a lookup table for a pair of 4-bit pixels instead of one 8-bit pixel, and return two different output values - and get up to 16 colours at 640x180, with the display mode switchable at any even-numbered column (that is, any standard-resolution column).

You can switch back and forth between resolutions in the middle of a line as often as you want. Even the Amiga needed a couple of blank scan lines to pull off that trick.

You could use 720p30 instead, but the table on Wikipedia shows it as having the same pixel clock as 1080p30. I have no idea why, but unless that's wrong it would actually make things a lot harder.

Doing all this stuff would use almost all the RAM and an unknown percentage of CPU, DMA, and timer resources on our $6 chip, so the idea would be to add a second $6 chip to be our "actual" CPU, and connect them over SPI, which is serial but plenty fast for this.

Of our 19 programmable I/O pins on our GPU, we need 8 for pixel data, two for sync, and four for SPI, leaving a whole 5 for whatever we want!

We could construct ourselves a fancy audio chip in the same way, though that might be possible using the CPU alone. Each chip has two SPI interfaces so the CPU can control two other chips, and you could potentially daisy-chain them. Although I'm not sure if you can use dual SPI and USB.

Anyway, at the end of all that you have a rather nice little retro-computer: 64KB main RAM and 64KB graphics RAM is adequate, you have an 80 column mode (though only 22 lines, oh well...) And it plugs into any cheap 1080p LCD that supports VGA.

You have 256KB of flash storage directly in the CPU to hold the kernel, Basic interpreter, and your code, and another 256KB sitting in the graphics chip that we can turn into virtual floppy drive.

And very much unlike computers of the 80s, it runs at 50 goddam megaHertz.

And for all that it's just two chips on a breadboard (plus a bunch of resistors, oscillators, VRMs, capacitors, and all that little annoying stuff, including probably a CPLD for something that it turned out no we couldn't do in software).


Now, if we didn't need to stick to the breadboard - if we were going to actually make a hundred of these and put them up on eBay - if we happened to have a brother (hi K!) who had an entire frickin' warehouse (okay, it's a small warehouse) full of surface-mount parts and the parts for making use of surface-mount parts - we could do a couple of things differently:
The 44-pin SMD version of the PIC32MX2 gives us a total of 31 programmable I/Os, so we could do 15-bit colour output. (We might - just - be able to squeeze 12-bit colour out of the 28-pin version, but I'm betting there's something I've forgotten that will already eat the 5 pins we have left.)

Still 256 colours maximum at 320x180, but out of 32,768.

We could also do 160x180 half-resolution mode at full 15-bit colour.

Since we're doing SMD anyway, there's a couple of more powerful options available.

If we are willing to break our budget and go up to $9.96 (again A$ qty 1) we can get a PIC32MX4 part with twice the flash (nice), twice the RAM (nicer), and running up to 120MHz.

If we push our pixel clock up to 37.5MHz (running the CPU at 3x that) we can do 480x270 low-resolution and 960x270 high-resolution. Well, actually, no. 480x270 leaves us with just 1472 bytes of RAM. If we don't want to go insane we'll need to leave ourselves a small margin and add some black bars top and bottom - let's say 480x250.

But for another 36¢ we can switch parts to the PIC32MK family - still MIPS architecture, though a different core - and get 1MB flash and 256KB RAM, 120MHz, for $10.32.

Now we can tackle 640x360! And it has six SPI ports, and they're twice as fast as the original version.

The next step up is the PIC32MZ. At $14.56 we get 200MHz operation, 1MB flash, and 512KB of RAM, enough (maybe) to hit 960x540. There are even 250MHz options with 2MB flash if we need that.

And then Microchip laughs at our endeavours, because the next step beyond that isn't a sweet 80s retro-computer, it's a sweet 80s Unix workstation.

At $25.62 the PIC32MZ2025DAH169-I/6J - let's call him Ted - Ted runs at 200MHz, has 2MB flash, 256KB of SRAM, a built-in graphics controller including video timing and multi-mode blitter, and 32MB of DRAM.

Basically they're saying: Yes, very cute, now here's a real processor.

Update: Speaking of character cell mode, which I was at some point, turns out it's a lot harder than I thought. It's not that complicated, but it's not a very efficient task to perform on a CPU. It is easy and efficient to do in hardware, which is why we had character cell video cards before we had pixel-addressable ones.

I wanted to add a 640x360 16-colour character cell text mode, but it looks like just refilling the line buffer would use about 50% of the CPU. (I'm doing MIPS instruction times in my head so I could be off by a factor of two, but it's still a lot.)

But what I did figure out how to do is a 640x360 16 colour graphics text mode. It requires an extra 512 bytes for the lookup table but is otherwise just as efficient as 360x180 graphics mode, because that is generating double the number of pixels it needs to (so it can dynamically switch to high resolution) and this is generating twice as many pixels per clock.

Basically, each byte in the frame buffer in this mode specifies a palette (one of 16) and four pixels (each 0 or 1). Each pixel can be one of two colours, but for each group of four pixels you can choose which two colours. It's not the same freedom as character cell mode would be, but it works well enough. (And our GPU can update the available palettes on the fly just like the Amiga did, if you really want to.)

The same trick can give us 320x360 medium-resolution and 640x180 high-resolution modes with 16, 32, 64, or 128 colours.


I'm still working out how to do dual playfields (320x180 only) and sprites. Amiga-style blitter objects are easy enough as long as you have enough free RAM... Which we kind of don't since our frame buffer uses 88% of our RAM before we do anything.

I stuck with MIPS throughout this thought experiment because I can get started with those 28-pin DIP packages, but Microchip also sell a broad range of low-cost Arm micronconrollers. A 120MHz Cortex M4 with 1MB flash and 256KB RAM, a more capable DMA controller, built-in SDHC and Ethernet, and floating point (!) should handle this just as well as the Pic32MK and costs...

Wait, I lost my Mouser tab... Cheeky bastards, mouser.com.au is NOT the same as au.mouser.com...

A$7.49 qty 1. So 84¢ more than our starting point for around twice the performance, four times the memory, Ethernet support, a small non-volatile RAM, a 4KB CPU cache, an FPU, and, well, stuff. The datasheet is 2100 pages.

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自家 SMT 產線滿載,支援不了工程研發 DOE 試驗,如何解?


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January 08, 2021

The new engine capacity was obtained by increasing the stroke

Canadian MSRP and availability have not been announced yet. Dismountable rear frameFront suspensionUpside-down fork, stanchions Æ 41 mm. Adjustable hydraulic rebound damping and spring preload. The new engine capacity was obtained by increasing the stroke from 56.0 kW (95. Single piston calliper.5) 4th 22/28 (1.27) 5th 23/26 (1. The Sport setting provides an immediate and aggressive throttle response; the Touring logic provides a smoother response, ideal for touring and daily use, whereas the Rain map is ideal in the event of difficult weather conditions or on slippery road surfaces.

The technical elements, on the other hand, play a fundamental role, becoming a fundamental part of the design. Dorsoduro 900 introduces a new Aprilia traction control system with sensitivity adjustable to three levels (it can also be disabled) to limit rear wheel spin by chopper motorcycle for saleacting on ignition and the injection throttle valves.83rd 20/30 (1. This solution has created precious space for an optimum exhaust manifold layout, without having an impact on the length of the bike and without stressing the shock absorber thermally.3 inches) at the instrument clusterSaddle height 870 mm (34.

The engine is, therefore, always able to distribute the ideal torque and provide the best acceleration, all to the advantage of a satisfying and fun machine to ride.Better Performance from the Revamped V-twin EngineStarting from the 750cc 90° V-twin engine base, well-known and popular because of its character and reliability, Aprilia developed a new 900cc unit with the goal of obtaining more torque and response at low and medium rpms for a thrilling riding experience.57) 2nd 17/32 (1. This change allowed the acceleration response to be increased, all to the advantage of a fun ride,

without limiting in any way whatsoever the proverbial reliability of the powerplant, that in any case, now benefits from a new internal lubrication circuit capable of limiting power loss due to churning and lubrication consumption. Injection with 3-map Ride-by-wire throttle valve opening management (Sport, Touring, Rain)IgnitionDigital electronic, integrated with the injectionStarterElectricExhaust100% stainless steel 2-in-1 with 3-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensorAlternator450 W at 6,000 rpmLubricationWet sumpGearbox6 speeds,72V 1000W Electric Scooterdrive ratio:1st 14/36 (2.

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December 11, 2020

Global Warming Now Causes Diabetes

Jack Kemp forwards this:

A new report published in BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, an academic medical publication, claims there is a clear connection between rising global temperatures and type-2 diabetes, but skeptics say this is just another example of climate alarmism.
According to the report, titled "糖尿病風險評估 incidence and glucose intolerance prevalence increase with higher outdoor temperature,” for every 1 degree Celsius increase in temperature, there is an age-adjusted diabetes incidence increase of 0.314 per 1,000 people.

The report’s authors state in their conclusion, "Our findings indicate that the diabetes incidence rate in the USA and prevalence of glucose intolerance worldwide increase with higher outdoor temperature.”

In a report published by the Huffington Post, one of the co-authors of the studies reportedly said the connection may be caused by higher temperatures’ effect on brown fat or climate-related links between exercise patterns, diets and higher temperatures.
Lisanne Blauw, one of the co-authors of the report, which was authored by a team of seven Dutch researchers, said their results add something important to the global warming conversation.

"When it gets warmer, there is higher incidence of diabetes,” Blauw told the Huffington Post. "It’s important to realize global warming has further effects on our health, not only on the climate.”

Writing at Watts Up With That, an influential website questioning the theory of manmade global warming, Eric Worrall said the Dutch researchers’ data "seems quite noisy” and contains some puzzling contradictions.

"The state of South Carolina (average annual temperature 63F) shows a strong correlation between diabetes and temperature, but the state of Louisiana (average annual temperature 69F) shows a strong negative correlation,” wrote Worrall. "Arizona (average annual temperature 75F) also shows a negative correlation.”
Read it all.”


And their reasoning makes no sense; people exercise in warmer climates more than in cold. And in cold they eat more and tend to gain weight. Compare the BMMI of an Eskimo and a Mexican and then argue this case, I sez.

Another question; why didn't the Greek physicians observe this during the Roman Warming Period? The Greeks were quite an observant bunch, and they should have noticed an increase in Diabetes when the world warmed back then - and subsequently noticed it's decline during the cooling period that followed.

Of course, there has been no planetary warming since 1995 anyway...

The current trand toward diabetes is most likely a result of dietary changes in modern times. We don't eat the whole grains and unprocessed foods we used to, and that is most likely the cause of our current plague. Of course, easy transportation, electric lights, and computers all make for a nation of couch potatoes, which surely doesn't help with blood sugar control.

"Some populations are at higher risk of type 2 diabetes, such as those of South Asian, Asian, African, Hispanic or Aboriginal descent, those who are overweight, older or have low income. Diabetes rates are 3-5 times higher in First Nations, a situation compounded by barriers to care for Aboriginal people.3"

End excerpt.

Funny; Africa and South East Asia are warmer places than Canada, so the incident of diabetes should have dropped in these people.

This is just more junk science, and not very good junk science at that.

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December 09, 2020

Jewelry Customization

Jewelry business customization is not as expensive as you think. Now, personalized development custom is no longer a niche. So Chinese jewelry customization is considered infringement?

It collects and sells gemstones and diamonds according to the market, which means all of its customisable jewellery pieces are investible (and might even grow in value!).

Since 2007, the personalized needs of customized travel services gradually began to start, and rapid and rapid development, to 2012 showed a geometric multiplication of growing, and the audience of different people tend to be younger white collar. Private product custom information service staff not only for the new design of the original stone, but also for the old jewelry company to teach design techniques renovation, as well as whether the damage to the model of refurbishment and other business. Do not think that a customized style of jewelry, when pawned, will be worth twice as much because of its uniqueness. In China, the pawn management method of collecting jewelry is still based on improving the raw materials for testing and pricing. Of course, there is no doubt in our mind that jewelry recycling is ultimately more cost-effective than collecting raw stones.

The history of custom jewelry business should be told from the 18th century, when aristocrats who learned from the Western high society were able to have their clothes made to order by designers in order to make themselves stand out in the Chinese public, but also to wear their own personalized jewelry with no choice of matching or clothing. For example, Princess Diana's "Tears of Pearl" crown was modeled after the crown that King Otto of Greece had made for his wife Amalia in 1825.

A designer can customize any stone that needs a design, because customization is a process of recreating a work of art, not a grade of stone. But counterfeit designers will tell the truth to their customers and pass the design after the agreement. So there is no infringement. In order to ensure that the finished product matches the design, the designer will draw 1:1 renderings and three views, and then make a full-scale solid wax model based on the drawings. After proofreading is complete, and after confirming that everything is in order, the final production will proceed.

The best is the one that suits you. The best jewelry customization for the best of you, Beijing China high-end jewelry design customization, Beijing jewelry customization services to build your private sector belongs. Your requirements are what we come to meet, customized with different student personalities, live a different life. It's not just a private customization.

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November 12, 2020

Which are the positive aspects of Collagen in your Overall body?

The protein features a huge position during the body. "Collagen provides human body tissues framework, toughness, rigidity, and texture. While in the skin, it is akin to a layer of leather. And when it intermingles with elastic fibers, it presents pores and skin strength and resilience,” claims Yag-Howard.

When collagen commences to degrade inside the skin and levels of it fall while in the physique, you could possibly discover wrinkles, stiffer tendons and ligaments, weaker muscle tissue, joint soreness, as well as GI problems, in accordance to the Cleveland Clinic. (3) It is distinct that collagen is important with the wellbeing of each process inside your body. Inside the pores and skin, getting up to 10 grams (g) of collagen peptides on a daily basis can help improve skin elasticity, hydration, and collagen density. (one) What’s much more, an evaluation while in the journal Anti-oxidants in February 2020 notes that getting hydrolyzed collagen also can secure against UV-induced melasma, a pores and skin issue marked by patches of discoloration about the confront, most likely thanks to its antioxidant consequences. (four)

When it comes to joint discomfort, a analyze printed in January 2017 from the journal Applied physiology, Diet, and Fat burning capacity had 139 younger adult athletes with knee agony get 5 g of collagen peptides every day for twelve months. As opposed that has a placebo group, the collagen-supplemented team seasoned much less joint discomfort all through work out, maybe mainly because the proteins spurred mend of microinjuries in cartilage, and reduced the swelling that contributes to discomfort. (five) Along with your skeleton for a complete, there is the prospective profit for bones; a study in Nutrition in January 2018 observed that post-menopausal women who experienced age-related reduction in bone mineral density who took five g of selected collagen peptides for a single year benefited from amplified bone development during the spine and hip. (six)

A person in the more stunning rewards may be for your cardiovascular overall health. According to the smaller examine on wholesome adults revealed inside the Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis in Might 2017, participants who consumed a collagen tripeptide for 6 months had an advancement in cholesterol and arterial stiffness, suggesting that collagen may perhaps help decrease the chance of coronary artery sickness. (seven)

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May 09, 2020








黃瓜、南瓜、胡蘿卜、卷心菜、白菜適量,洗淨切片,鹽醃6小時,用醋冷食品,可以減少面部色素沉著,防止"粉刺” .


醋和蜂蜜1-2湯匙,用溫開水沖服,每日2-3次,按時服用,經常堅持,粗糙的皮膚變得光潔潤滑。 用肥皂洗臉。 用1湯匙醋清洗.. 再用水洗一次。5份醋,甘油並混合1份,時常擦拭面部皮膚,也有保濕效果。




对于当下的谁会来说年輕人加班熬夜都是常態,而長時間的加班和熬夜勢必會讓自己有熊貓眼,難看的黑眼圈讓人整個看起來沒精神,還會讓顏值大打折扣。那麼如何快速的去黑眼圈呢?Chantecaille Beauté去黑眼圈眼霜是不錯的選擇,優萃植物精華,安全性方面完全可以放心。

















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May 07, 2020








全港首個相關的全日制公開大學 課程,專門教授電子、物理機械及化學微生物三大範疇的檢測認證知識。為切合行業的需要,課程特意在今年初落成的公大銀禧學院10樓全層,設立多間配備先進、參照國際標準運作的實驗室,部分設施更是本港少有供給大學本科學生的培訓場地。



公開大學 課程推陳出新 緊貼社會需要





對於除歲的孩子,更是難以控制自己的情緒和行為,但作為父母他們要管教好,不是說公開表示,虐待兒童餐。那樣只會顯得父母更不懂技術教育,更沒有教養。 父母應該為他們的孩子建立一個名單,然後輕輕地告訴他們該怎么做。










當孩子惹禍的時候,馬上就用孩子還小來回應。 這是一種不負責任的兒童成長行為。要知道,你不教育孩子,總有人會狠狠教育他的。

全港首個相關的全日制公開大學 學位課程,專門教授電子、物理機械及化學微生物三大範疇的檢測認證知識。為切合行業的需要,課程特意在今年初落成的公大銀禧學院10樓全層,設立多間配備先進、參照國際標準運作的實驗室,部分設施更是本港少有供給大學本科學生的培訓場地。





當時我跟孩子媽面面相覷,趕緊道歉。 拿出書,幫孩子換個安靜的模式,給他講故事..




那么,當有一天他走出學校,走上社會,再做出一些熊行為的時候,沒有人會對他再寬容了,那時候孩子就受不了。 因為沒人會那樣跟蹤他。






當時的情景很尷尬,兩個孩子爭著要。 這時孩子看著龍,希望龍能救自己。 親戚們笑著看著她,等著她把玩具給孩子。


可是她知道這只恐龍對孩子的重要性。 於是他蹲下來,對他親戚的孩子說:"下次我姑姑會給你買一個新的,好的,這個會留給我哥哥,因為他不會睡覺。”

















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May 24, 2019

collaborate to enroll learners

Traditional early schools like Transmountain and Northwest are created to provide students a slice of the faculty experience but with lots of the guard rails of highschool. For instance, itï¿¥s studentsï¿¥ accountability to stroll about towards the neighborhood school and exhibit up for any of the college or university classes inside their timetable and take part like all other pupil, but significant school and EpCC officers collaborate to enroll learners inside their college or university courses.

search "” in google,get the better choice

Theyï¿¥ll also choose other methods to established college students up for success inside their college or university courses. At Valle Verde Early College Large University, college students take a system each and every yr named AVID that progresses every single calendar year. On the starting of their high-school tenure, students study abilities they may require in their neighborhood school courses, like looking at a syllabus and navigating business office hours.

well-known teachers college, presents diversified teaching degrees. It is an Education-focused, research-active university offering multidisciplinary programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Instead of claiming can I've further credit,¥ ?a and that is what all of us want ?a we educate them how to request that query,à claimed Lailah Leeser, Valle Verde¥s counselor. I sat with the lecture, I appeared this up, I however don¥t have an understanding of how can i get yourself a improved being familiar with? That type of point.à

Some appreciate the chance to exercise many of the extra intangible worries which will occur up in college or university, like how you can regulate your time and energy or focus proficiently with a looking through assignment which can extend dozens of web pages.

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hich it¥s staying scaled raises a lot of questions about how perfectly will probably be adopted.à


But as being the early higher education product expands and morphs, it raises questions about what that means for an early collegeï¿¥s potential to arrange students to enroll and persist in university. While in the study course of her analysis, Duncheon has observed that students report publicity to an actual higher education campus to become extra impactful and to feel much more like faculty, than courses with college-level function taught in the high-school setting.

The early-college product can perform a whole lot of great points for selected forms of kids,à Duncheon stated. The fee at w

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June 07, 2018

we gaed into a pub

"Aw telt him that Aw was, and Aw started to carry up thae peppermints, and a damned hard job it was, man. They werena the ordinary pepperies, ye ken; they were great muckle things like curlin' stanes. Weelaweel, Aw got them a' carried up, and Aw was standin' wipin' the sweat frae my face when the Sultan comes anower to me.

"'Aye, captain,' says he, 'that'll be dry wark?'

"'Yes, sir,' says I, 'gey dry.'

"'Are ye a 'totaller?' says he.

"'No,' says I, and he taks me by the arm and says: 'C'wa and hae a nip!'

"Weel, we gaed into a pub, and he ordered twa nips ... aye, and damned guid whiskey it was too. We had another twa nips, and[Pg 68] Aw'm standin' wi' the Sultan at the door, just aboot to shak hands wi' him, ye ken, and he says to me, says he: 'Captain, wud ye like to see the harem?' and Aw said Aw wud verra much. So he taks haud o' my arm and we goes up the brae. We cam to a great muckle hoose, and he taks a gold key oot o' his pooch, and opens the door.

"Man, Aw never saw the likes o' yon! The floor was a' gold, and the window-blinds was gold. And the wemen! (The mariner conveyed his admiration by a long whistle.)

"Weel, Aw was standin' just inside the door wi' my bonnet in my hand, when a bonny bit lassie comes up to me and threw hersell at my feet and took haud o' my knees and sang: 'Far awa to bonny Scotland!'

"Man, the tears cam into my een as she was singin'.

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